OneNight RP

A personal touch to a Custom Framework server! Our management team is always researching and developing plugins to incorporate into the server in order to keep the roleplay fresh and exciting. Our objective is to see our players create roleplay situations that are both fun to participate in and intriguing to watch, bringing people together and making new friendships.



Learn a little more about how our city operates!

Run By The Civilians

Except for a few local physicians at Pillbox, everything in the city is administered by citizens. Use Twitter to locate the proper individual to assist you!

Housing & Motels

Take advantage of your apartment for all of your personal requirements, including storing and sleeping! However, if the neighbors are too loud, we have lots of choic

Illegal Activities

Do you enjoy being on the wrong side of the law? You may loot from a variety of locales, as well as smuggle and produce a variety of substances!


In the city, there are many ways to make money. See if any whitelisted jobs have popped up by exploring the city or sending a Tweet!

Community Events

Come to community-run events including auto shows, repossessed asset auctions, racing, and demolition derbies, among others!


Join some of Los Santos' most respected groups, like The Mafia, The Cartel and more!